Learn What Reader's Are Calling "Your Guide To The Aisle"

"An Engaging and Insightful Book Teaching You How To Recognize and Be Found By The Right One" 

"Get Equipped For The Road Today!!"


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What Tanika Will Cover:

  • The Difference Between Dating and Courting
  • Courting Principles That Illuminate The Road From Single-ship to a Strong Marriage.
  • The Positive and Negative signs to Watch Out For When Considering a Courting Relationship
  • Step By Step Strategies to Help Guide You Into Healthier Relationships With Yourself and Others.
  • 9 Types of Men You Should Think Twice About Dating.
  • What Do You Do While You're Single, Ready and Waiting?
  • How To Successfully Move On After a Break-Up
  • How to become your best self before Mr. Right shows up.
  • How to Recognize and Break an Unhealthy Soulties
  • When to Know How To Take It Slow When Getting to Know Someone
  • And Much More...